The third Elysian magazine represents another wonderful journey into the heart and minds of creative people. Every page is alive with material that is both thought provoking and a real treat to look at. I loved Teegan’s thoughts on the creative process, something that every creative will relate to, and it was so helpful to identify common creative barriers. I also loved the profiles on the various artists, and especially liked the piece exploring the way art can be used as a way of engaging in the reflective process. I also really like how the QR codes included in the magazine help the reader to interact with some of the artist’s work and it makes the whole experience of reading Elysian a lot more immersive. The magazine definitely takes you on a creative journey, and leaves you feeling like you want to go and find something creative to do as soon as possible!


Roger Wyatt

In this magazine you are invited to join various artists (in the broadest sense) in their own personal journeys of pursuing their own creativity alongside their journey of faith. 
‘With creativity, there is no right or wrong'
‘Creativity is such a gift from God, as it is another depth of communication & expression with others & with him.’
‘Creativity has been built into every one of us: it is part of our design’
‘Don’t believe you can’t because you can’
But not only that- as reader you are not left as ‘observer’, you are encouraged to enter the creative process with pages that allow you to pause, reflect & respond as well as value the time spent in the presence of art. 
‘Creativity is in everyone no matter how much we use it’
This is a beautifully produced magazine that invites you in, brings blessing as you share in other people’s stories & encourages you to consider your own journey of exploring your creativity along with your faith. 
‘Don’t give up on yourself- God hasn’t ‘


I love all the effort that has gone into this magazine. There are a few works in particular that I find myself reading over and over because it just gives me a little reminder when I need it.


The Elysian magazine always seems to include something new and relevant to what I'm going through each time I re-read it. Especially over lockdown when I've been working through a lot of things, it's been great to be able to sit down and dig into what people have to share, and to see how God uses it to share something with me.


David Burroughs

Elysian Magazine, is a little publication full of rich stories, from the heart. It's always so uplifting to read and centres you back to the amazing truth of Gods nature and word.

Teegan Egerton